About David Sherrill

Judge David Sherrill District Court Judge

David currently serves as a District Court Judge for the 18th Judicial District of North Carolina, which includes all of Guilford County. David possesses a broad base of experience that prepared him to serve as a district court judge. After graduating from Winston-Salem State University, summa cum laude, and then from North Carolina Central University School of Law, David entered the private practice of law. Early in his career, he worked as an associate attorney handling complex medical malpractice cases. He later started his own firm where he handled a wide range of both civil and criminal cases in all district and superior courts. Particular concentration of his practice was placed in criminal defense (misdemeanors and felonies), domestic (family law) and juvenile (delinquency and child welfare) cases. Practicing in all those areas exposed him to precisely the areas of law needed to effectively preside over district court cases and prepared him well in his transition to an effective District Court Judge. David took his experience with him to the bench and currently presides over cases with the knowledge of what the parties are going through and renders decisions that are both fair and legally sound.

Even before practicing law, David developed unique skills not often brought into the courtroom that serve him well as a District Court Judge. As well as being a judge and lawyer, David is a Registered Nurse. And, for 10 years before practicing law, he worked on an Intensive Care Unit where he monitored and treated the critically ill, which required quick decisions in stressful situations. These skills and his experience, along with empathy towards others he developed as a nurse, have helped him become an effective District Court Judge.